Business Financial Planning

What do companies want from an employee benefit advisory service?
Research tells us that they want a straight answer. They want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Seems like a simple, reasonable request. At Wynsam we believe in giving clients exactly that. A straight answer. In depth analysis for those that want it, the bottom line for those that want the quick answer. But always straight.

Research from HR departments tells that employees don’t want to hear about good service delivery – they want to see it. Wynsam delivers it. We have experienced rapid growth in our corporate division due to our good service and depth of product and industry knowledge. We are an efficient, focused team that has the acumen to make a difference yet. For an example of this see here. Wynsam tackles Discovery Health and Wins!

Our range of services includes the following for companies:

Retirement benefits – Pension / Provident funds

Healthcare financing – Medical aid

Group risk assurance

Business Assurance - SME market

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