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Wynsam Wealth's individual planning division provides wholistic money management and personal financial planning to clients who expect and demand best advice and service excellence.

If you are looking for insurance policy salesman then you are looking @ the wrong web address.

Our practice is based on charging fees for services provided – not disproportionate commissions on policy sales.

It has been said that the consequences of financial advice have far more long term and severe consequences for good or bad than that of an accountant, university professor, mechanic, IT consultant etc…. In terms of impact on your life probably second only to your GP.

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There has been much publicity given to the so called advisors and products that have dominated the industry of supposed financial advice. Insurance salesmen and companies are under scrutiny and in most cases deserve to be. New regulations that enforce transparency and ethical behaviour are bemoaned by policy floggers.

We take a different approach.

We believe that knowledge is power and that the average South African has for too long been ignorant of the abuse of trust that has been taking place. We wholeheartedly support full transparency of costs and reducing the costs of investment and risk cover. We believe that true financial advice goes way beyond the buying of insurance products. As such we do not earn commission on any new product bought from an insurance or investment company.

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