The world of investing, to most, seems a complicated maze filled with bears of volatility and wolves of Ponzi schemes.

At Wynsam Wealth, we try to make it simple.

  • Your money needs to be worth more tomorrow than it is today. That means not just growth but real growth. Your money must be able to buy more tomorrow that what it buys today; it must grow faster than inflation.
  • If it’s too good to be true, run. The only free lunch is diversification.
  • You should earn more from your investment than the services providers. Costs kill investment return, especially when compounded over time.

Wynsam Wealth are investment consultants to large listed companies. We have the expertise to run retirement funds with hundreds of millions of Rands invested. We offer this same expertise to individuals.

Our costs are better than the large majority of those in the industry. Why? Because we earn most of our income from our corporate companies, which means we do not have to take a big cut of your investment to support our business.

Second opinions are free, so if you’d like us to take a look at your current portfolio, we will be happy to – no strings attached.