Medical Aids


Wynsam Wealth is registered as a healthcare brokerage in terms of the Medical Schemes Act with the Council for Medical Schemes. We are licensed to provide clients advice by the Financial Services Board. The company has been in business for over 15 years and has grown in stature and recognition.

How Does Wynsam Wealth Work?
First we need to gather some information about your needs, expectations and your budget. This is done to ensure that we recommend products that are appropriate to your specific needs. We will ask about your age, health status, chronic medication needs and other relevant information. Next we will analyze this information with a view to trying to find a fit between your needs and what the market currently offers. After this we will present suitable solution/s to your requirements. Once you have agreed on the way forward we will then help you onto that particular scheme, by assisting you with the forms and application process. Once you are on a particular scheme we will keep you up to date with developments on that scheme and in the industry.
I Just Want a Hospital Plan-Can Wynsam Wealth Help Me?
Yes we can. We will still go through the process above to find a suitable match to your needs from the 50+ schemes out there.
What About all That Jargon?
Sorry about it. We wish medical aids would not make such a concerted effort to confuse everyone. The good news is that we understand most of it so can help you. Where we don't know (there are over 50 schemes each with their own jargon) we will find out for you.
How Much Does This Cost Me?
Nothing. In terms of the Medical Schemes Act the medical scheme pays brokers for the service they provide to members. You will pay the same premiums if you use a broker or if you don't . Makes sense then to get advice and help from a company that understands these medical schemes.
When I have Claims Issues?
We will be there for you too. We have helped hundreds of clients with claims problems. Give us a call. We have a separate document that outlines how to get the best out of your scheme.

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